Schuite & Schuite Printing Inks. We are…
The production at the Schuite & Schuite plant is the most advanced for offset inks in Europe and is Unique in its own way.

All liquid raw materials are stored in big storage tanks from which they are dispensed into various manufacturing units. Most of the solid materials are packed in big bags to optimise the handling and minimise dusting on the work floor.

Schuite and Schuite produce all the varnish themselves.
Not by the usual way of boiling the varnish, but very efficiently by extrusion. This continuous process allows us to up to 5 t per Hr producing a very consistent quality.

Each colour line (4 Colours) is identical and built to produce with a capacity of, (at the moment 40,000 tons) but also with a minimum investment easy to double. Each line contains one of the most modern pre-mixing stations (PSI-mixer by NETZSCH) and 2 bead mills to achieve an ultra fine product.