Logistics - Good service and flexibillity are very important to us.
Good service and flexibility are very important to us.

Schuite & Schuite inks have a very modern and well-equipped logistic department.

We try to supply our customers exclusively with our own trucks. Tanker truck orders are always delivered with our own vehicles.
We always try to deliver to our customers in a timeframe from 24 – 48 hrs if it is full truck deliveries. Of course we are always available 24 - 7 in case of emergencies.

Our trucks have the newest and most modern equipment and our drivers are professional and flexible.
Schuite & Schuite owns seven trucks with a capacity of 20 tons net each; we own five tanker trucks with a capacity of 20 tons up to 22 tons net each.

The following containers we have available:

1,96m / 2,02m . With capacities of 1100 kg for (cyan/yellow) and 1150 kg for (magenta and black).
1,65 m with a capacity of 1000 kg for all colors.